Londres no Instagram?

London as seen by Instagram By Kirsten Alana. via hostel world

While we’ve worked with many travel bloggers for guest posts, for the first time ever we’re proud to have a ‘guest photographer’ with Kirsten Alana. Kirsten is a mobile photography specialist who doubles up as a travel blogger. If you like looking at cool travel photos from all over the world we recommend you follow her on Twitter. You can also keep up to date with her on her blog Aviators and a Camera and by liking her page on facebook.

Earlier this month I was lucky enough to spend a day walking around London with mobile photography specialist Kirsten Alana. Hand her an iPhone armed with the right apps and she can take the most beautiful shots you’ll ever see. It was raining which didn’t bother me as some of her best shots are when its raining. It did stop though, and we went on to get some great pictures.

We met at Green Park tube station not far from Buckingham Palace. After a quick coffee we made our way to the tube station. It was on the platform that she told me you could get really cool shots of trains going by.

From here we went to Camden. Kirsten, much to my surprise, had never been here. She told me this was because she likes to keep off the beaten track which was fair enough as Camden certainly isn’t off the beaten track. In saying that, it’s still a cool and extremely famous neighbourhood where you’ll find the iconic Camden Lock.

You’ll also find a bunch of unique shop fronts here, just like this one.

Our next stop was Tower Bridge. Again, Kirsten had never been here. I could only presume that this was because it’s on an even more beaten track than the one at Camden. Still, it has to be said you can get nice photos there. Exhibit A…

Right beside this is another of London’s top attractions – the Tower of London. I was under the impression that it’s hard to get a decent shot of it but Kirsten quickly proved me wrong.

It was at this time that we stopped for lunch. Did you know that using an iPhone you can get really cool photos of food? You can. Exhibit B.

The Golden Jubilee Bridge at Embankment Station was our next stop. This was when Kirsten explained that sometimes it’s nice to take shots in black and white.

It was also around this time that Kirsten explained sometimes you need to think out of the box when getting cool shots of much-photographed landmarks. Can you see the London Eye here?

Same applies with Big Ben here. All it takes is looking at a landmark a little differently to get a better photo.

We jumped on the Tube again at Westminster, this time bound for Leicester Square, the heart of London’s famous theatre district known as the West End.

We also felt like we needed a pick-me-up so went for a coffee in one of Kirsten’s favourite coffee shops, Notes.

It wasn’t long before we were out and about again, taking shots that were more dramatic than ever like this one of the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square.

And this one at the famous lions in the same place.

Before I get to our last photo we must pay homage to TFL (Transport for London), not only for enabling us to get around so much of London in a short space of time, but also for providing us with such iconic ‘roundalls’ that make for a good photo.

Last stop was Piccadilly Circus for, what I think, was the best shot of the day (using a fish eye lens).

Want to know how to take shots like these? Next we’ll be posting a tip for each and every photo.

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